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  • Song Name: Pineapster Random Audio Generator No.2
  • Artist: Pineapster Artists
  • Album: Pineapster Random Audio Generator No.2
  • Year: 2009

Illinois Death Spree - The Mountain
Solid - Bobby The Boss-eyed Sniffer Dog
Mike Deathray - Evo-Stik
The Joe Stalin Sextet - Fridge Full Of Pizza
The Sixth Southern Secular Tabernacle of Blues & Soul - Mmmmmmm... Shake 'Dem Sausages!
Les Tonton Macoutes - Enter Homo Sapien
Jimmy Olsen And His Wonderful Camera - Kafka, Are You Shore?
Luke Warm - The Code of Hammurabi
Pseudonyx - Medium Atomic Demolition Weapon
Chelsea Clinton - Wanted For Sale
The Inspectors - A Wonderfully Crafted Move
DrumAliens - Messages From A Secret Lover