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  • Song Name: Pineapster Random Audio Generator No.1
  • Artist: Pineapster Artists
  • Album: PRAG 1
  • Year: 2008

01_Winter Vomiting Virus - Moscow Youth Cult
02_Underground We Prosper - The Salesman
03_Running Scared - The Joe Stalin Sextet
04_She Never Said No At The Time - Distant Guns
05_ 2008 Toronto Rock Season - Peter Wyeth
06_Bedford Falls - Dovo of Solingen
07_Laughing Box - Gray from Mentira
08_A Beckoning, A Reckoning - Palmer Eldritch
09_IQ Of 80 In Room No.8 - gem*
10_Man Was Born Free And He Is Everywhere In Chains - Soul Sonic Sauce
11_The Billowy Black - Torpedo Kutasai
12_Trading Camels - Chelsea Clinton
13_It's About Time You Went Home - Logfox
14_My Favourite Made-Up Drug (Riviera Mix) - Nathan Heretic-Angelic
15_Don't Ask Me... I Don't Know The Answer - Donald Twain
16_Off-road Driving & Winching Techniques - 20% Of Lovers