"The Smell" by Wilbur & Elmer

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  • Song Name: The Smell
  • Artist: Wilbur & Elmer
  • Year: 2009

"The Smell" by Wilbur & Elmer
Everyone knows something smells bad in this town
As each Summer Sundae smile turns to a frown
There's the smell of a man being shot down
There's the smell of a city run by clowns
And there's the smell of something buried under the ground
I know the smell of a man hung out to dry
And if you want to put a mans fish out to fry
Suspend him - but don't tell him why
Then advertise his job in the wink of an eye
To get results - why accuse? - when you can just imply
What do you do when your house begins to smell?
And you think before too long folks will start to tell?
There's a well known trick to disguise a smell
You start a fire, then begin to yell
Distract attention with the smoke and the firemans bell
There are men who know the origin of this stink
And they've got themselves a scapegoat missing link
But like rats leave a ship when it starts to sink
We can see right through the nod and the wink
And well be knockin on their door sooner than they think
De Montfort Hall is falling down, falling down, falling down
De Montfort Hall is falling down
I smell somethin'